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Thursday . January 17 . 2019
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Feeding the wrong appetite
The Beach, July 23, 2013


BEACHES not conducive to Singaporean lovemaking – is what the headline of this article might as well have screamed.


Singaporeans are a greedy bunch, so it’s no surprise that Expedia’s 2013 Flip Flop Report, which studies the behaviour and preferences of beachgoers around the world, found that 65 per cent of Lion City denizens admitting they would eat more than usual.


This is probably to the chagrin of the city-state’s population policymakers, to whom Singapore’s woeful fertility rate points to an overindulgence of the wrong appetite.


The same Expedia report said only half or 53 per cent of Singaporeans would get it on with their partner on holiday, and just nine per cent would hook up with a new face.


And then compare this to neighbouring Malaysia’s, er, performance.


Clearly the Don Juans of South-east Asia, 69 per cent of Malaysians said that their first priority during the vacation would be to get intimate with their partner, while 20 per cent were all for getting frisky with strangers.


Shame shame Singapore.


But if I may be so bold as to suggest a solution combining the best of food and lovemaking – oysters and tongkat ali, Singapore?


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