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Thursday . January 17 . 2019
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If travel creates desire for sex...do it like the Danes
Adam Tan, Singapore, March 31, 2014

YOU may have seen it – the patriotic Do It For Denmark video that's been arousing some excitement on the Internet exhorting Danes to take a holiday, get it on, and rescue the nation's declining fertility rate.


The tongue-in-cheek campaign took off last week, launched by Thomas Cook Group's Danish unit, Spies. To get things moving, the travel agency is offering an "ovulation discount" on its holidays and a competition with prizes, including a family holiday and three years' worth of nappies, for couples who can prove their kid was conceived on that trip.


Now Denmark's fertility rate stands at 1.7, which is below the replacement rate of 2.1. Singapore's fertility rate is a miserable 1.2. I'm no mathematician but it does seem to me that Singaporeans are about to become extinct.


A quick search and scroll through figures on the Internet also seem to suggest that South-east Asia on the whole is facing a drastic decline in fertility rates as economies develop. As a future economic communal member of ASEAN, I say it is time we as members of the travel trade in South-east Asia do our part to nip this development in the bud.


Clinical sexologist Birgit Dagmar Johansen, who is featured in the video, commented: "To travel and get new experiences affects relationships because couples see each other in a new light. It releases endorphins in the brain and creates desire for sex."


In light of this, may I recommend a few possible slogans for South-east Asia.


One could encourage people to Make Love For Malaysia or ProCreate for Cambodia or Turn On For Thailand, or call upon the men to Stand Up For Singapore while women could Let Love In For Laos.


Come on ASEAN, show the world we can Do It too.


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