Thursday . January 17 . 2019
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Adam Tan
TTG Asia's irreverent scribe and social diarist comes out of retirement - for good. Something has to pay for his love for parties and a few stiff drinks. But Adam does not have to be the only one sharing interesting tales about the travel trade. If you want to share hot news, gossips, stories, pictures with Adam - anything that will send the industry twittering, pop him an email.


Two-way translation vital ADAM TAN
Kudos to the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) for launching a free mobile application called Speak Thai, that promises to help non-Thai speaking visitors communicate with the locals.
Seeking for fun ADAM TAN
It's always fun to chat with the boisterous MICE head of Mumbai's Mercury Travels, Augustine Barretto, who once told me that Indian incentive travellers were just like children-easily drawn to all things fun.
Get a radioactive glow from your trip ADAM TAN
Have you heard that the infamous Chernobyl nuclear power plant in Ukraine will soon become a tourist attraction?
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